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  • front stream Front Stream


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    Application MobileTransact of FrontStream provides its’ users an easy way of doing financial transactions using card swipe and manual keying ability with their smart phones. Application eases receiving of payment/donation confirmation via SMS text or email, direct settlement of funds to bank account of their choice.

  • Task manager Task manager


    Task manager

    This is a "to-do-list manager' application. Available on both iOS and Android, this app is an effective way to manage time and also use smart productivity tools. It is one of a kind mobile app to manage all your activities.

  • university hype university hype


    university hype

    The iOS based app was another way towards social media. It led people to share music on social media while listening to it. One of a kind app, it just lets you going with the pace of music and social media at the same time.




    Loaded with easy navigation and engaging UI, this app is one of those ideal social networking apps. An iOS based app, this enables you to connect with people and get to know what is happening nearby.